How designMode can enable live text editing

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Imagine this: You're in a crucial meeting with your marketing team, discussing the finer details of your website's content. Suddenly, a request arises for quick changes—rewording a paragraph, adjusting the layout, or adding a touch of creativity to captivate your audience. Now, what if you could make those edits right there, in real-time, as your team watches the magic unfold?

Enter the world of document.designMode, a hidden gem in web development that transforms your website into a dynamic canvas for live editing. This isn't your typical behind-the-scenes coding session; it's a front-row seat for collaboration and creativity.

What to do to enable it ?

Step 1: Open Your Browser Developer Console : You can typically do this by right-clicking anywhere on your webpage, selecting "Inspect" or "Inspect Element," and then navigating to the "Console" tab.

Stelp 2: Enable document.designMode

document.designMode = "on";

Step 3: Now you can edit content live.

click anywhere on your webpage and start typing. You can make changes, edit text, and experiment with different content modifications directly in the browser.

DesignMode example

Shortcut to edit content

Experiment with basic text formatting using the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Bold: Ctrl (Cmd) + B
  • Italic: Ctrl (Cmd) + I
  • Underline: Ctrl (Cmd) + U
  • Undo: Ctrl (Cmd) + Z
  • Redo: Ctrl (Cmd) + Y

Spell check your webpage

  1. Open DevTools, and go to the Console tool.
  2. Type document.designMode = "on" and press Enter.
  3. Click somewhere on the webpage.
  4. The browser now highlights the misspelled words in red!
DesignMode spell check

Changes are not persisted and will revert on page close or refresh. So, Either take screen short or copy html content.

Other features

  • Dynamic Content Testing
  • Quick Prototyping and testing of different layouts and styles directly in the browser.
  • Accessibility Validation: improve the accessibility of a webpage by dynamically modifying its content and observing the impact on screen readers.